Insights into traders' minds

Trading signals mined from social media
AI-driven system analysing million of events daily to present you with the most valuable insights into what traders think and do.
What do you get?
Real-time alerts
Get the latest AI-picked alerts on what happens with
companies and social media around them.
Historic data
All our alerts and reports are available with full history boosting
your expertise by analysing market opinions before, through and
after significant events.
React first
Leveraging the power of AI to analyze social trading
Corporate events
Everything that happens within companies and makes people resonate. We are first to detect information leaks from public and private channels. This includes anything from CEO appointments to service outages.
Business news
Our algorithms extract important news as soon as press releases are published or even earlier by analysing social media chatter.
Report expectations and reactions
We provide you with expectations before and reactions after reports are published so you can build a solid understanding on how the market is currently perceiving the company.
Hype alerts
Understand levels of hype around particular instruments at every moment in time. These alerts tend to correlate with volatility quite significantly.
Data channels
Access the data in the most convenient way
Get all the alerts on-the-go with our Telegram bot
Receive regular reports alongside important events in your mailbox
Integrate our signals into your existing infrastructure via API
Access signals today!
Bring your trading expertise to the next level with SentixAI signals!